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May 24, 2016

This interview was originally published on February 09, 2015, as HTE 058: Refusing to Scale (and Being Kind to Others)

During this conversation, you will begin to understand entrepreneurship as a creative venture. Sunni Brown is smart, funny, and her energy is contagious.

This all makes for an insightful and exciting conversation that moves from the Pet Rock, to calculus, and onto Sunni’s refusal to scale her business — and what you can learn from her decision.


Today’s guest is an amazing entrepreneur, artist, and awesome human. She is the founder of SB Ink, a creative consultancy and an agent of social change.

She is the author and leader of a global campaign for visual literacy called The Doodle Revolution.

My guest has worked with companies like Disney, Sharpie, Zappos and SXSW. Using common sense, experience, and neuroscience, she is proving that to doodle is to ignite your whole mind—and she aims to teach the world how to master “strategic doodling” in her latest book, The Doodle Revolution.

This was a brilliant and hilarious conversation and I am so glad to share it with you.

Now, let’s hack…

Sunni Brown.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why you should allow yourself to come up with goofy ideas
  • Entrepreneurism does not have to be risky
  • Sunni Brown could have never been the inventor of the Pet Rock
  • Why Sunni is terrible at calculus and how this makes her awesome

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